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Self-paced courses taught by Melissa Moore!!!

In these brief but content filled courses, I will teach you some skills and provide education, you can access through a self-paced course!

Topics include anxiety coping skills, depression, compassion fatigue, and more!!!


New courses will be added soon!!


Get access to courses below !!

MANAGE YOUR ANXIETY without medication !!

In this course you will:

  • Learn how and why anxiety happens

  • Learn things you can do each day to lessen your anxiety

  • What to do with anxiety in the moment

  • Learn ways to "relax" and "de-stress"

  • Create a personalized plan for your anxious moments!!


Wellness course for mental health !!

In this course you will:

  • Learn the various dimensions of wellness

  • Find out your "wellness score"

  • What to do to increase your wellness

  • Create a personalized wellness plan


Free Courses

3 Minutes to decrease your anxiety 

A quick video to use when you are experiencing too much anxiety !


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