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"Heal Together" couples therapy

Has your relationship been affected by your partner's trauma? 

Trauma can take a toll on a relationship, leaving both partners feeling disconnected and struggling to find common ground.

Couples facing trauma often struggle to maintain a healthy relationship - and when one partner has experienced trauma, it can greatly impact the health and happiness of a relationship.


This can lead to communication breakdown, trust issues,  overall unhappiness in the relationship, distance, and can lead to resentment  --  which ultimately affects the overall quality of your relationship.


Watching the person you love suffer from past trauma can be heart-wrenching.

"Heal Together" is a specialized couples therapy that focuses on addressing the impact of one partner's trauma on the relationship, helping you rebuild trust, strengthen communication, and deepen your bond.


"Heal Together" can help you and your partner navigate the challenges caused by trauma, leading to a stronger and more resilient relationship. The trauma that one partner has experienced can cast a dark shadow over the relationship, preventing them from experiencing the love and happiness they deserve.

I provide a safe space for couples to address their past pains, learn effective communication techniques, and embark on a journey towards healing together.


Imagine finally having open and honest conversations, fostering deep understanding, and creating a safe space for healing and growth within your relationship.


With "Heal Together," you can overcome the obstacles caused by trauma and watch your bond strengthen like never before.

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