Contractor Services by

Find Your Balance Psychotherapy

Melissa M. Moore is a board approved supervisor for Residents in Counseling. Residents in Counseling are able to contract with Melissa Moore (through Motivo , or directly with Melissa Moore) to receive the supervision needed to attain their independent license. Process to secure supervision with Melissa Moore includes interviews, resume, contact with professional referrals, and consistent communication with residency location. Documentation for clients is also reviewed, in addition to audio/visual sessions (with client permission).

Find Your Balance is also able to provide community based skill building and intensive in-home companies with consultation for program improvement. Melissa Moore has a proven record of compliance with state regulations, licensing audits, Medicaid audits, and support for additional accreditation.

Contracted services outside of the above mentioned are as follows:  direct intensive in-home clients' therapy provided, service request authorizations for community based services, and assessments completed for community based services.


Other contracted/consulting services may be available according to need.