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Find Your Balance !!!

Trauma informed therapy to help you


Greetings, and welcome to

Find Your Balance Psychotherapy, LLC

Melissa M. Moore, MA, LPC, LPCC



Trauma informed & trained therapist

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Licensed in Virginia and Ohio

Over 11 years of experience in mental health field

In person counseling and online counseling

Culturally cognizant, LGBTQIA+ affirming

" I'm tired of living like this !!! "
" My past shouldn't still bother me! "
" Why does this still bother me?? "
" I can't trust people, because people have done me wrong. "
" I want to get over this, but it's still here !! "




My clients say a lot of things to me. They find the strength to open up to me, what everyone else has shut down. My clients have experienced a significant trauma, and while they are doing "alright" now, the past keeps peeking through. It's messing up their relationships, their work, their friendships, and their mind. My clients struggle with "maintaining", but it looks like they are "maintaining".

They have friends, but don't reach out; they have a family, but feel they are failing them. They have a job, but don't feel successful. They have a past, and it keeps rearing its ugly head.

My name is Melissa Moore, and as a licensed professional counselor, I have a passion for helping individuals with trauma and managing life's difficulties. I knew at a young age I wanted to help others, and wanted to do so in an personalized and unique way.

With me, you will find a refreshingly real response. You will also find some harsh truths .......And I will be there to help you come to terms with those harsh truths.


When you work with me, you get to laugh, feel heard, be accepted, cry, feel supported, and teach yourself what you can and cannot deal with. I make sure you understand what could be happening, and we figure out if that is what is happening.


I look at all aspects of who you are, what your past is, who you are now, and where you want to go. You inform all the steps you are going to take; and I provide feedback along the way -- NO JUDGMENT!!

I strive to help you feel at ease within the counseling environment. I provide a "down to earth", non-judgmental, comfortable, "different", and inviting space. I allow you to be yourself, and work on those things keeping you from finding your balance! 

If you want someone to think outside the box, to meet you where you are at, and to help you find your unique & personal balance --  you have come to the right place!!

If you are tired of fighting your past, want to "do better", and deal with what is happening now, then reach out for a free consultation.


If I'm not able to help, I may be able to find someone who can.

More about me here !!!

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